Be it writing, illustrating, crafting jewellery, designing clothes or freestyle baking, I always try to bring my own Farquharson style to whatever I do. The bulk of my illustrative work is silhouetted, as I have always been interested in the stark contrast between black and white. Silhouettes offer the simplicity of two colour image, but are also quite difficult to get right as you have to convey everything in the movement of the lines and placement of the design elements.


Quoted – These illustrations draw inspiration from the words and characters from some of my favourite pieces of literature. Ten out these thirteen are available as A6 postcards from my Etsy store.

The Wanderer in Unknown Realms – In March 2013, I was given the incredible opportunity by John Connolly to do some illustrations for his novella “The Wanderer in Unknown Realms”. These are the final six used in the book. It is available as an e-book or as a limited edition (750 copies) hardback. More information on the book can be found on John’s official website.

Typographical – These are my ongoing forays into using typography and colour. I do these more for my own amusement than anything else.

Adultery – I decided to do some illustrations based on one of my favourite albums, Dog Fashion Disco’s ‘Adultery’. I am aiming to do one for each track, but as this is a personal project they will be getting done in a random order, as and when I have time to do them.

Doodle Creeps – Old sketches brought back to life with thick black lines and pastel colours.