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11 Oct


You can now find me at frogmellaink.com


On Niches, Itches and Quick Fire Questions

2 Oct

Womp Womp

My girl Leslie (aka Darling Stewie aka LeslieIRL aka Stewbs) is pumping out some seriously good blog content lately. As I said on twitter yesterday: she is a few blog posts, some instagram photos and viral video about a cat away from being legit internet famous!

One of her recent posts was about finding your blog’s niche by answering 26 questions. As I am a fan of answering stuff I decided to answer these as quickly as possible to see what silly rubbish my brain came up with! So without further ado…

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On Black Hearts, Serial Killers and Dark Music

22 Sep

The fax machine’s come alive, another quick reply…

Those who know me well, know all too well my disposition towards the grim and dark humoured, especially in music, books and art. For these reasons, those who know me will not be surprised by this project.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a series of four illustrations. They depict female serial killers, in my usual silhouetted style, surrounded with various grisly body parts and an array of weapons and tools. Before you all start backing away from me slowly I want to explain why…

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On Growing Older, Ridiculous Obsessions and My Birthday Wish List

18 Sep
If no one makes me an Emily-friendly cake with 30 candles on there's gonna be trouble!

If no one makes me an Emily-friendly cake with 30 candles on there’s gonna be trouble!

It’s hard for me to comprehend that in a mere 75 days I will be 30 years old! The big 3-oh dear god when did I get so old! I remember when I was younger working out when I would turn various mile stone ages. Back in ’94, 2013 seemed like a million miles away! Yet here we are, in the beginnings of knitwear season and on the precarious down hill slop to the Big C.

As I am hitting a big one this year, a few of my nearest and dearest have already been nagging me about what gifts I might like for such an auspicious occasion. These are questions that flummox me on a yearly basis as I know there are things I would like, but as soon as that sentence (or a variation of) is uttered my mind becomes a swirling vortex or fluff, erms and ummms. So I figured, what the hell, I am gonna make a birthday wish list of the sublime and ridiculous things that I covet. What is most obvious from this list though is that my Twin Peaks obsession is getting out of hand!

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